MICrODEC Retirement Sale!!!

In honor of our first product, we are having a sale that would make Crazy TV Lenny proud! No, were not giving away a free bicycle with every purchase, but we are selling the remaining MICrODEC inventory at below cost! You heard us right, below cost! How much would you expect to pay for a reprogrammable effects pedal with 6s of sample memory, and stereo 16b converters? $1,000? $100? Well right now its just 59$!! That’s less than an arduino and a codec shield. And we’ll throw in a case for just $19! These amazing deals and more are awaiting you at the MICrODEC store.

But, seriously folks, have a look at the MICrODEC product page, and see if it’s something you can use. We have a few of these things on our shelves, and they are looking for good homes. They will probaby go quick, and we will not be making anymore after they are gone.

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Last chance for a Mixtape Alpha!

We completely sold out of Mixtape Alphas, and are doing 1 last run. So, if you’d like to get your hands on our super-portable 4-voice synth, check out our Crowd Supply campaign. This will most likely be our last run.

The Mixtape Alpha is a 4-voice synth, with 5 note polyphony. It has 4 effects: reverb, FM, AM, and bit-crush. You can save patterns, and swap mixtapes with your friends. It can also be hacked, with all the plans up on our wiki.

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