Store: Audio Sniffer

Open Music Labs products are available through SYNTHCUBE. We no longer take orders from this site, and are keeping it online for reference only. This product is manufactured by SynthCube.

Audio Sniffer Kit

Everything you need to build a functioning Audio Sniffer, except for the 9V battery. Be sure to check out the probe options if you don’t have something to connect to the BNC input.

- 1 Audio Sniffer Kit: PCB, case, faceplate, and components.
- Click on image for larger view of kit contents.

Audio Sniffer PCBsRETIRED

If you have your own op-amps and BNC jacks, why not save a few bucks! You can build your own Audio Sniffer, or just use it to make a headphone amp. The full parts listing is on the wiki. Contact us for bulk discounts.

- 1 Audio Sniffer front panel PCB
- 1 Audio Sniffer amplifier PCB

BNC to Micrograbber ProbeRETIRED

These testleads feature a coaxial, shielded cable to keep hum out, and spring clip micrograbber ends to grab on to small components. They do not have attenuation built in, but you can clip on your own 10M resistor for a similar effect.

- 1 BNC to Micrograbber Probe.

Oscilloscope ProbeRETIRED

This probe makes a great companion to the Audio Sniffer, with an attenuation switch on the handle for a wider range of measurements. And the removable spring hook clip is good for grabbing small components.

- 1 Oscilloscope Probe w/ attenuation.