Open Music Lab’s Projects and Tools


The MIDIvampire-I is a 4-voice polyphonic synth that is powered from the MIDI data line. No batteries required! It has 16 different wavetables, AM, FM, attack, decay, reverb, and a slew of other paramters, all controlled by MIDI CC messages.


The MIDIvampire-II is a 4-voice drum machine that is powered from the MIDI data line. No batteries required! It has a snare, hi-hat, cymbal, and bass drum, or you can build your own percussion sounds with MIDI CC messages.

Stomp Shield Kit

Turn your Arduino into an effects pedal! With a guitar pre-amp, feedback and mix knobs, and 3-pole anti-aliasing filters, it has everything you need to get started making your own effects. Works with Arduino Uno and Duemilanove.

Mixtape Alpha

An 8-bit synth that fits in your pocket – with 4 voices, 4 effects, 5 note polyphony, and record! Create compositions and trade with friends! Runs for 40 hours off a coin-cell battery, and has a headphone output.

Audio Codec Shield

The Audio Codec Shield interfaces with an Arduino or Maple to give 44.1/16b, stereo, digtal audio control. It has 2 knobs for modding parameters in your code, and a headphone output. Comes ready to use – just add a Maple (or Arduino)!

rePatcher Shield

An Arduino compatible patchbay matrix. rePatcher allows you to move your MAX/MSP or Pure Data wires around with physical cables. Using the Arduino, it creates a serial data stream over USB which can be hacked to control other programs as well.


Capture concerts and jam sessions without all the distortion! The bootlegMIC comes as a kit of parts to make a better sounding cellphone microphone. A good intro to learning about, and using, electret microphones.


An open-source, fully programmable and hackable digital effects box. The MICrODEC is 44.1/16b, stereo, with up to 6s of sample time. It can store 16 different programs, and comes pre-programmed with a range of useful effects.

Audio Sniffer

Listen to what your circuits have to say! The Audio Sniffer is a circuit debugging tool that lets you use your ears to hear whats going on (or not going on). It’s a high quality headphone amp that lets you hear things you could never see on an oscilloscope.

Floppy Audio

Repurpose your old 3.5″ floppy drives to make an analog delay box! check out our plans and make your own improvements.