Store: rePatcher

Open Music Labs products are available through SYNTHCUBE. We no longer take orders from this site, and are keeping it online for reference only.

rePatcher ShieldRETIRED

This fully assembled rePatcher shield interfaces with MAX/MSP and Pure Data via your Arduino. It has 6 continuous control knobs, and a 6 x 6 patchbay matrix to reroute data within your patch. Get lost in a maze of wires like your analog forebears! Does NOT come with Arduino, which is required for operation.

- 1 Fully assembled rePatcher Shield & 10 Patch Cables.

Extra rePatcher CablesRETIRED

A pack of 10, 4″ Male to Male mini patch cables (jumper wires) in assorted colors. A good rule of thumb for patch cables: you will always need one more than you currently have!

- 10 rePatcher Cables (assorted colors).