New Year’s kit sale!

Happy New Year everyone! To celebrate an awesome 2013 at Open Music Labs, and to get you going on a great 2014, we are having a sale on our audio kits. Truth be told, we actually dropped the prices a few weeks ago, but with the busy holiday season, just got around to announcing it now.

Stomp Shield Kit

This is meant to be used with an Arduino to do guitar effects, but is useful for any guitar DSP project, as it provides all the gain/filtering/mixing/feedback that a pedal requires. Now only 19$. Check out the store for more details.

Audio Sniffer Kit

The Audio Sniffer is a great addition to any workbench. It allows you to listen to your circuits without changing the way they sound. And, your ears are far more sensitive than any other piece of test equiptment you have! These are also just 19$. Check out the store for more details.

And thanks for a great 2013!

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x0x-hearts already pounding!

We came across this video made by one of our x0x-heart customers. After hearing the crunchy acid at the end, we just had to share the love. Thanks AlphA202303!

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