x0x-heart panels are in!

Eurorack panels by Grayscale have been shipping, and they are getting more in stock, so be sure to check out their x0x-heart store to pick one up. They also have the pacemaker PCB in stock, which makes short work of adapting the x0x-heart to the eurorack format. It pins out all the useful controls, including gate, accent, CV, waveform select … the list goes on and on. And we still have x0x-hearts in our store, if you need a bit of modular acid in your life.

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BA662 Clone in stock!

It is said that the future is just pieces of the past stitched together, and so it is with the BA662. We reverse engineered the now-obsolete amplifier so you can stitch it into your projects, and give them a new future. Whether fixing an old synth or building a new filter with a distinct sound, the BA662 Clone can be your time machine. Why should Dr. Who have all the fun? Check out the product page, or swing by the store and get your very own.

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