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RIP: Digi-Key Catalog

Digi-Key Catalog – then and now – 1995 and 2010. It’s good to see the cheesy slogans haven’t gone away! Digi-Key has come a long way since 1995, from 13mm to 67mm to be precise. But like all things, it must inevitably come to an end. It was announced earlier this year that Digi-Key was [...]

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Audio Sniffer: Listen to what your circuits have to say!

The Audio Sniffer store is now open! But what is the Audio Sniffer, you ask? It’s our new kit for an open source circuit debug tool. Think of it as an oscilloscope for your ears. It has a high impedance input which won’t change your circuit’s behaviour, and a low distortion headphone amplifier output, so [...]

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