Store: Shipping Info

Open Music Labs is operated by Flingco Sound System in Chicago, and products are available through SYNTHCUBE. We no longer take orders from this site, and are keeping it online for reference only. These were our shippping terms, back when we shipped things.

U.S. Orders:

All U.S. orders are delivered via USPS Priority Mail.

International Orders:

International orders can be sent either USPS First Class (International Economy) or USPS International Priority (Global Priority). For small orders, the cost is around 17$ for Economy and 25$ for Priority. We highly recommend Global Priority for our international shipments, as its is more reliable (see disclaimer below). Unfortunately, Paypal uses the least expensive method as its default. To select Global Priority, log-in to the check-out page and change your shipping method on the check-out page. This can not be done from the store cart page. We apologize in advance for the poor Paypal interface.

Also, for any purchases over 150$, we will use International Express shipping, which is tracked and guaranteed by the shipper. If your order is over this amount, please contact us for shipping pricing. It is usually around 50$. Unfortunately this is the least expensive option we can find that gaurantees delivery.


We do not accept responsibility for any lost or stolen packages sent International Economy (USPS First Class). Over 90% of the packages we send this way make it to their destination, so it is a good option for innexpensive items. But, it can take several weeks for the package to arrive, and it may get stuck in customs for months on end. We have no control over this, and no way to track them. So, if you choose International Economy as your shipping method, you do so at your own risk. We will not refund your purchase.

Also, for all shipments, we are not responsible for damage that occurs en route, or duties or customs charges imposed.