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Audio Codec Shield – 39$

This fully assembled Audio Codec Shield mounts on top of your Arduino Duemilanove, Uno, or Leaflabs Maple. Arrives ready to use!

The Audio Codec Shield is an Arduino shield that sports the same Wolfson WM8731 codec as the MICrODEC (capable of stereo sample rates at 44.1/16b and beyond!). The shield has 1/8″ stereo input and headphone output jacks, a single pole analog input aliasing filter, and 2 potentiometers for varying parameters in your code.

- 1 Fully assembled Audio Codec Shield

Audio Codec Shield Bare PCB – 5$

Don’t want all those extra knobs, jacks, and headers? Make your own Codec Shield! Make it small, and fit it into your own stompbox. If you want all those extra knobs and jacks, pick up a kit of parts below.

- 1 Unpopulated Audio Codec Shield PCB

Audio Codec Shield Parts Kit – 13$

This kit comes with all the parts you will need to assemble a fully functional Audio Codec Shield. It comes with jacks, pots, headers, passives and ICs. This kit is mostly 0805 surface mount.

- 1 Complete kit of parts for an Audio Codec Shield (PCB NOT included)