Audio Sniffer

Listen to What Your Circuits Have to Say

So, you can’t afford an oscilloscope, but still want to work on your own circuits? No Problem – the Audio Sniffer will let you hear what’s going on inside those transistors! It’s a headphone amp connected to a an oscilloscope front-end, so it won’t change how your circuit behaves while you sniff. And, it works equally well with a soundcard, so you can see what’s going on, too.

In one small, handy case you get a low-noise, low-distortion amplifier with a 1M input impedance that is great for debugging, circuit bending, or just listening to the electro-static fields around you. With the optional scope probe it can handle 60Vpp input signals, or listen down to just a few millivolts. Even if you already have an oscilloscope, you will still find the Audio Sniffer handy, as the human ear is capable of hearing slight noises and distortions that you could never see on a scope.

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Audio Sniffer Information:

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