Current Research Topics in the Use and Training of your Arduino

The Arduino is a very useful little device for extending computer control outside of your desktop or laptop.  With one of these little guys you can start to manipulate other electronics in a matter of minutes.  Among other things, I’m surprised I don’t see more circuit benders picking them up and wiring them into instruments.  On this page I will be gradually writing and collecting information on the arduino platform that musicians and artists can dig into.

Articles and Links

In System Programming – Ever wondered how use the arduino to conveniently program other chips?  This will give you a place to start learning about it as well provide information about modifying the 6-pin ISP header onboard the Duemilanove for this purpose.

Other articles coming soon:

Circuit bending with arduino help

Using Max/MSP with the arduino for fun and performance

Re-burning the MICrODEC with an arduino