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One of our first MICrODEC customers overhauled his unit to fit into his MOTM format modular. It has an external CV-in for controlling the MOD pot, and level shifters to deal with the +/-10V signals. He even made a great video of it for us!

If you want to see the mods he made, check out the wiki for detailed schematics.

PS. We are trying to fix a problem with the shipping calculators in the shop, if you are having any trouble checking out just drop us a mail at

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Laser etched faces Wed, 23 Jun 2010 09:40:26 +0000 mcanulty Bethany from etched our prototype cover-plates for us!  There will be a few changes, but this is what our horoscopes indicate the first run of cases might look like:

MICrODEC w/ faceplate

the back is also usefully labeled:

MICrODEC back w/ labels

Ignore the nibbling around the power supply and the scratches, because unfortunately we can only offer those features on the special edition ‘pre-weathered’ acid wash model.  There’s some time traveling back to the 80s involved, then inventing the idea before we came up with it, and then burying all of the products in the Russian steppes…  anyway, it gets complicated!  So until those are ready, we will only be able to offer nice die-cut / laser-etched versions, and we’ll have pictures of those up as we get them in.

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