Temperature Compensation of Analog Exponential Converters

Say WHAT??!!? Everyone loves analog, right? Too bad analog oscillators tend to drift with temperature. But exactly how much, and why, and what can be done about it? We recently finished an in-depth analysis of the main culprit in these circuits: the exponential converter. This is the part that converts the input voltage to octaves at the output. If you’re interested in finding out more about these circuits, and how to keep them stable, the following paper could be for you!

Thermal Compensation of Analog Exponential Converters (PDF)

It has a bit of math in it, but it’s written to be accessable as possible. It’s also not completely finished, but what project ever is? Knowledge just keeps expanding, leaving the world feeling smaller and smaller each day.

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OML now distributing through SynthCube!

We are pleased as punch to announce that Open Music Labs is now distributing through SynthCube. This is advantageous to us, as it will free us up to focus more on design and less on the business side of things. And, its advantageous for you, because it means your products will get shipped out faster, and can be bundled with other useful synth products, saving on shipping costs. Note: this also means we no longer sell directly from this website, although all the pages and info are still available here. The store links will now direct you to SynthCube. So check out the SynthCube store, and let us know what you think.

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